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R01 Supplement Funded by NIA to Upgrade 3T Magnet with Multi-Nuclear Sequencing



Drs. Christopher Sundberg, Sandra Hunter, and Robert Fitts received a $250,000 R01 supplement from the NIA to upgrade a new 3T Signa Premier magnet with hardware and software to perform multi-nuclear sequencing. This upgrade will allow us to continue our whole-muscle bioenergetics studies using 31P-MRS.

Undergraduate Researcher Receives AHPRC Student Fellowship



Isabell Dobrzycki, an undergraduate research assistant in the Sundberg & Fitts labs, received a $1,500 research fellowship from Marquette University's Athletic and Human Performance Research Center. The Student Research Initiative is a one year fellowship, and aims to "generate interest in human performance and health-related disciplines, inspire students to address pressing contemporary societal health-related problems through research, and provide students with an immersive and meaningful experience focused in the development of research skills". Congratulations Isabell!!

Five Year R01 Grant Awarded for Research on Aging



A 5 year, $3 million R01 grant was awarded to Drs. Sandra Hunter, Christopher Sundberg, and Robert Fitts. Their grant titled "FATIGABILITY OF LIMB MUSCLE IN OLDER ADULTS: PROTECTIVE EFFECTS OF EXERCISE" aims to determine whether the greater fatigability of older adults performing dynamic contractions is due to impaired skeletal muscle bioenergetics and/or vascular dysfunction. Additionally a clinical trial will be conducted,  testing the effectiveness of coupling high-velocity resistance exercise with blood flow restriction of the limb to improve function, power and fatigability in older men and women.

Marquette University - 2020 R01 Challenge Award Winner

MHC I-IIa Lam CD31 40x Scale 3 Labeling ImageJ_edited.jpg


Drs. Sandra Hunter, Christopher Sundberg, and Robert Fitts received a $30,000 R01 Challenge Award from Marquette University for submitting a R01 grant application to the NIH and receiving a high score. The goal of this award is to catalyze the preparation and submission of competitive R01 grant applications, to increase the number of NIH applications, and to increase the number of R01 awards to Marquette faculty.

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Publication Chosen as Editor's Choice Article

Representative 31P spectra from before and at the end of the fatiguing dynamic excercise


The Journal of Physiology selected a paper from our lab as Editor's Choice for October 2019. Bioenergetic basis for the increased fatigability with ageing by Sundberg et al. 2019 aimed to determine whether the increased fatigability in older adults is due to greater accumulation of metabolites (inorganic phosphate, hydrogen, and diprotonated phosphate). See other Editor's Choice picks here.

Christopher Sundberg named 2018 Early Investigator Prize Winner



Christopher Sundberg was named a winner of the Early Investigator Prize by The Journal of Physiology for his publication Effects of elevated H+ and Pi on the contractile mechanics of skeletal muscle fibres from young and old men: implications for muscle fatigue in humans in the category of Exercise and Muscle. See other winners here. This publication was also highlighted by Perspectives and Journal Club articles. 

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