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*Commissioned topical review by Editors Ian Forsythe and Kevin Murach


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        *Invited review by guest Editors Brian Glancy and Harry Rossiter

        *Selected for inclusion in special issue on exercise in Current Research in Physiology

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        *Selected as an Editor’s Choice Article in The Journal of Physiology
        *Highlighted in Perspective Article by M. Hostrup, J. Bangsbo, S. Cairns (2019);
        *Highlighted in Journal Club Article by R. Fenech, C. Ryan (2019)



Sundberg CW, Kuplic A, Hassanlouei H, Hunter SK. Mechanisms for the age-related increase in fatigability of the knee extensors in old and very old adults. J Appl Physiol 125(1): 146-158, 2018. [PMID: 29494293] [PMCID: PMC6086970] Full Article

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        *Awarded Journal of Physiology Early Investigator Prize in Exercise and Muscle
        *Highlighted in Perspective Article by D. Allen (2018)
        *Highlighted in Journal Club Article by A. Foster et al. (2019)
        *Recommended in Faculty Opinions by E. Debold
        *Journal of Physiology Top 10% Most Downloaded Articles from 2018 & 2019

Senefeld J, Sundberg CW. Predicting human ageing with Master’s athletics: ‘one size doesn’t fit all’. J Physiol 595(22): 6813-6815, 2017. [PMID: 28944480] [PMCID: PMC5685818] Full Article

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*Invited Review by Editor-in-Chief L. Bruce Gladden


Sundberg CW, Bundle MW. Influence of duty cycle on the time course of muscle fatigue and the onset of neuromuscular compensation during exhaustive dynamic isolated limb exercise. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 309: R51-R61, 2015. [PMID: 25876654] [PMCID: PMC4491536] Full Article

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