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Available Positions

Educational Opportunities in the

Integrative Muscle Physiology & Energetics Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

Interested postdoctoral fellows should contact Dr. Sundberg by email to discuss possible opportunities and funding. In your email, please provide 1) why you are interested in our lab group, 2) your short- and long-term career goals,

3) your CV, and 4) an unofficial copy of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts.


Graduate Students

Graduate students may have the opportunity to enter the lab through the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Program (EXRS) or the Interdisciplinary Program (INPR). There may also be other graduate research opportunities available, so interested graduate students should contact Dr. Sundberg by email.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are an integral part of the lab. Our approach is to give undergraduates as much hands on experience as early and as often as possible to help them identify the areas of research they're most passionate about. If you are interested in learning more about undergraduate research opportunities, please email Dr. Sundberg.


Lab Motto

Nothing in life is fair, except that we all get 24 hours in a day.  What separates mediocrity from excellence is what we choose to do in those 24 hours.

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